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The best patient care comes from a team approach and with veterinary rehabilitation you are a vital component! Working together we can give pets and working dogs the most comprehensive care available.

Which of your patients would benefit from rehabilitation therapy?

Geriatric patients whose owners are seeking more than just pharmaceutical pain management for osteoarthritis and improved mobility in general

Geriatric patients with vestibular disease

Patients with suspected/confirmed soft tissue injuries – as muscular strains and ligament sprains may be the cause of continual lameness despite conventional veterinary management with pharmaceuticals and exercise restrictions

Clients requiring assistance with their pets for information pertaining to mobility aids including: booties, braces, harnesses, mobility carts etc

Post-operative patients including orthopaedic, spinal and soft tissue injuries. If seen as soon as possible after the surgical treatment we can assist in formulating a graded recovery plan, including continued careful, controlled movement and then gradual loading and strengthening within safe time frames and individual patient recovery progression

Amputee’s – both forelimb and hindlimb amputees benefit from rehabilitation as it addresses the change in biomechanics and prevents dramatic and detrimental compensations that may arise due to the changed movement patterns

Canine athletes and working dogs – for early injury detection and injury prevention programs

Canine patients that require intensive weight loss management, exercise programs and coaching

Feline patients can be treated and assessed too!

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