Kaos the Groodle

Kaos is doing extremely well! He wears rubberised socks inside now and we do our Physio every day – his back looks amazing and his movement is way better. I appreciate all that you have shown us, and the work you have done with Kaos – it is a huge relief to see such excellent improvement after all this time. And his new found agility with the Zig zag walking is quite something now! I’m even walking him without the head Halti – just his lead on collar. It’s a huge relief to know that your work has helped me help my boy with his healing – especially considering how long he had been suffering and thought he was stuck with that for life! It’s a wonderful thing – I can now also pat and massage all along his spine and do his tail hold and he doesn’t shy away at all anymore!!

– Kelly (Oct 2019)


Susan was recommended to me through Claremont Vet Clinic after Rupert our toy poodle had his cruciate ligament repaired. Rupert developed a limp after the operation. However, once Susan started Physio treatment on him he is walking without limping now and has recovered well from his surgery.

Susan is very professional and has a gentle, calm and caring way with animals. It was a pleasure to work with her during each session and I can highly recommend her.

– Ash (August 2019)


My adolescent dog, Rosa, was having some issues with reactive behaviour and was referred to Susan by her behaviourist who suspected an underlying pain to be the cause as she was observed having a strange sit position and weird gait. Which we then confirmed via hip X-ray.
The physical therapy coupled with the behaviour intervention has greatly improved Rosa’s quality of life.

Despite Rosa being fearful of strangers, Susan was very patient and mindful of her anxiety, never pushing her for more than she could tolerate. Which meant that Rosa took to Susan almost right away, and saw the treatment sessions more like play dates with a friend. She responded very well to treatment, her behaviour has improved, and her mobility looks freer and more sure. She was eager to learn the treatment exercises and never tires of doing them at home.

– Michelle (July 2019)


Jerry-lee is a 4 year old German Shepherd who has a multitude of different chronic complex medical problems including IBD, hip dysplasia, back problems and osteoarthritis.

Luckily for us, we were referred to Susan, and have been having physio treatment with Susan for over a year. This wonderful pampering has allowed Jerry to have reduced pain and better quality of life.

We have found Susan to be caring, informative, and exceptional at her job. She has been a critical team member in Jerry’s care and helped to keep him well and happy.

We all find Susan wonderful; she cares as much as we do for Jerry. Sadly for us Jerry won’t have Susan to help him recover from his hip replacement and I know Jerry will miss his pampering sessions with Susan, as much as we do.

I would firmly recommend Susan to any pet owners that require extra care and pampering.

– Shelly and Jerry lee

Ruben Freeman

I have five dogs and Susan has treated three of them. One in particular who needs ongoing care is my eight year old ex-agility border collie who was diagnosed with spondylosis very young. Another is my very young agility border collie who lost a bone in her toe at 7 months old due to an accident.
Susan clearly adores all her patients and demonstrates extreme understanding of their mental state during treatments. She is able to read dog faces and understand what the furry patient is trying to communicate to her. Coupled with her significant veterinary training, I could not wish for a more qualified person to treat my canine family members, and she has significantly improved their quality of life. In particular, my eight year old collie is now able to do the tricks he was doing when he was younger that require a lot of strength and balance, and yet six months ago I did not think I would ever see that again. She also gives clear and simple advice on how to carry on basic physiotherapy exercises at home in between treatments.
Recently Susan has become very interested in the sport of dog agility and attended a large New Zealand competition. She took video to understand better the competing dogs’ motion, and spoke to many competitors about their worries and observations about their dogs. She is now incorporating her understanding of this popular sport into her treatment suggestions.
Susan will be much missed by this community and I highly recommend her.

– Professor Jan Evans-Freeman BSc, PhD, CMinstD, FEngNZ, FInstP


Hi Susan, 

Thank you so much for the care you have given Lxii during your time in New Zealand.

I have loved how he responds to your calm and kind approach. You have an amazing ability to be able to put him at ease and I know he feels safe in your hands.
The treatment you have given Lxii has kept him pain free and medication free for which I am so incredibly grateful.
He has been able to continue to run free in his favourite place …the beach.
You seem to be able to find those spots that are causing him discomfort and very gently work your magic.
You have also been so caring to me as well and have listened to my concerns and helped put my mind at rest.

I will miss you and so will Lxii and I know there are many animals out there who will have the good fortune to get therapy from you and find the new zest for life that you have given my old man Lxii.

– Jill (Human Nurse)

Thank you Susan for helping us with our precious Teddy over the past 14 months. Our 2 year old Bichon/Poodle suffered a herniated disc which resulted in spinal surgery. Unfortunately, Teds lost deep pain and was paralyzed for 3 weeks. It has been a massive journey for Teddy to learn to walk again and we are so grateful for Susan. We have seen Susan most weeks since and appreciate her knowledge and kindness. Teddy loves Susan and gives her cuddles. Thank you so much for everything, we are very sad you are leaving NZ but happy that you are continuing animal physio and will continue to help many more of mans best friend

Thew Family

I took my then 7 year old dog Ruby to Susan after a cruciate operation and started a year long road to recovery.  Initially I was very skeptical of dog physio feeling it was just another way to get money out of me.  However in time and through the patience and education Susan provided to me I was able to understand and believe in the process and see the progress Ruby was making.    My one goal was to have my hill walking buddy back again and there were times I didn’t think it was going to happen. However today I have my strong, happy, healthy dog back who has the ability to do a 2 1/2  hour uphill walk with no problem at all.  I am so pleased with the results and so very grateful to Susan for helping us to get there.


My black lab, Monty, received physiotherapy sessions with Susan after having groundbreaking surgery for his lower back.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but quickly realised that Susan is exceptionally talented, and not only an incredible physio but also a vet. Susan’s sensitivity with Monty, her knowledge of how to win him over and get him to relax was a delight to see. Her knowledge of animals and her combined skills was what helped Monty’s recovery become a success story.
I later took my German pointer, Jasper, to see Susan after having a toe removed as he was developing a lump on his foot and a severe limp. After, just two sessions with Susan his lump and limp were gone.
I am sad Susan is leaving us as she is a delightful, highly skilled and knowledgeable person who is totally devoted to her profession.  I am grateful for her care and concern for my dogs and the enjoyable hours we have spent together.


I only wish I had known about Susan’s services years ago. Banjo is 11 yrs old and has a neurological disorder and his muscles are wasting away. Susan has visited us at home quite a few times. We learnt so much from her about how to help Banjo with exercises to improve co-ordination and help with balance. It is amazing how useful household and gardening equipment has been.

What has been helpful with regards to planning Banjo’s treatment is the liaison with Sue and Karin, the vet acupuncturist. By involving me in their care for Banjo his treatment was personalised each week based on his physical ability. Banjo has now decided to stay solely at home, still doing the exercises around the garden furniture.  He has a little obstacle course that Sue set up for him. Sometimes he looks at it and does the steps over without any problems. Other times he is happy to walk around them.

What I have learnt from Sue, is just how invaluable her physio has been to Banjo. I can’t change the outcome of what will soon happen. Pet physio should be a part of mainstay veterinary practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue to anyone who cares about their pet. Banjo loved her to bits and would do all of his exercises without complaint, as long as there was plenty of peanut butter to distract him.

Sue, you were so caring towards Banjo, you took time to explain what your findings were, what was happening to Banjo. One day when Banjo has gone and I am ready for a new dog to love, you will be on my calling list should a problem arise. Thank you so much, we really appreciate what you have done for Banjo.

Mary A.

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